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Dr Jones and the dental professionals at Dentistry 4 Kids Gwinnet county will happily guide you and your children’s journey to straighter, stronger, healthier teeth. Not only does their office provide patients with regular checkups and cleaning, but they also have a whole department for orthodontic’s. They do Early orthodontic treatment(when some baby teeth are still left), Phase II orthodontic’s (when all permanent teeth present), Invisalign, habit control , space maintenance, Minor tooth guidance and growth projections. Many small jaw corrections can be done as early as 4.    Dr Jones has been doing orthodontics for children for 32 years. She began her training in California under Ruel Bench. Dr Bench was one of the founding fathers of early orthodontic treatment. The west coast orthodontists started early treatment much earlier than the east coast. Dr Jones then continued her training with an Atlanta based Orthodontic Teaching Institute (gNathos’). She has been training with them for over 25 years.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Young Children often show early signs of improper jaw growth and development. An upper or lower jaw growing faster than the other and/or jutting out of the face at odd angles. Some are to narrow and crowded and some have a lot of excess spacing. Aggressive digit or tongue habits,blocked out teeth,teeth that are locked under other teeth , or ectopic eruption are other signs that there is a skeletal issue. Early treatment orthodontics is to correct these jaw problems using growth.  Children have 2 very rapid growth periods during late childhood and teenager years. The first rapid growth period usually is between 8 and 10. The 2nd very rapid growth period is the Pubertal growth spurt. By harnessing both these growth spurts a better orthodontic result can be had.  By improving the jaws growth we can provide enough room and coordinate the eruption of the teeth to a proper position. Forty percent (40%)of our early treatment corrections do not need the Phase II treatment. To interrupt improper growth and help the jaws and teeth to grow in together in the proper position is  greatly satisfying. Small skeletal corrections can be made with appliances between 4 and 8. Another reason for early treatment is for psychosocial.   In some children there is no underlying skeletal issue. However the teeth have come in pointed in all directions. Or a large space is in the front of the mouth. It has been proven that children start choosing there friends based on looks at age 8. so to streamline a child into properly aligned front teeth is a blessing for the parents and the child. Theses are often some or the most satisfying cases.

Advantages of early Interceptive treatment:

  • Prevention of extraction of Permanent teeth later due to overcrowding.
  • Prevention of surgical corrections to align the  upper and lower jaws.
  • Creation of a more stable skeletal position of the jaws and teeth since they grew to the corrected position.
  • Paves the way for a straighter and more corrected path for the permanent teeth to grow into, possibly elimination the need for braces later on.
  • Reduced cost if no Phase II
  • An increase in your child’s overall confidence and self esteem happens when the appearance of their smiles are greatly improved. This is definitely something you wouldn’t want them to have to wait until their teen years to finally experience.

Phase II  orthodontics

This  step of orthodontic’s involves placing braces on all the permanent teeth. The 2nd rapid growth spurt is used to complete any growth discrepancies. Often if the skeletal problem is severe you need both of the growth spurts to achieve the best result. Also, It is the correctional phase to make sure each tooth fits together in a proper interlocking pattern. We want the cheeks , gums, jaw joints, and all the teeth in the best alignment. When this equilibrium is established the teeth will function together properly. With good home care and retainer wear your teeth should stay healthy, stable, and look attractive.  This is the main goal of phase II treatment.

Invisalign Orthodontic’s

Dentistry 4 Kids also offers invisalign for our  teens and adults. This treatment involves using a series of clear , removable aligners, invisalign gradually moves your teeth. It is almost invisible and therefore desirable for many teens and adults. However you have to change the aligners for new ones every 2 weeks. For about 3 days your teeth are extremely sore. So I ask the family and individuals if they think they can handle the discomfort and also do they think they can not lose the aligners. It is a wonderful treatment modality that the practice offers for the right patients. Average treatment time is about a year. For small anterior adjustments only is can be as fast as 3-4 months.

Since Invisalign has been in business for 20 years they have a lot of  proven cases and success stories. It involves using a digital scanner to get the most accurate impression and therefore ensuring each aligner is properly manufactured. Please let us know if you are interested in this type of orthodontic’s.

Initial Visit and maintenance for orthodontic’s at Dentistry 4 Kids

Initial Visit-    Each patient is examined by Dr Jones. She then gives an estimate for the treatment she is recommending. She may tell you to Wait for Phase II and not to do Phase I or interceptive treatment.  Each individual is different and growing differently.
She will also give you an estimate of the ($) cost and treatment time, what the payments will be. In our office whatever you pay for phase I will be discounted off Phase II , if it is needed.

2nd Visit- Records. -depending on the type of orthodontic’s you are having done we always get records. Records are like a road map for Dr Jones. She examines the records and determines the best way to treat each patient. Records  often ,but not always include : models, Facial and teeth Photo’s, Digital Radio-graphs and clinical evaluation.

Consult Visit: on this visit the office reviews Dr Jones findings and reviews the treatment you or your child will have. At this visit we also describe the most important thing when in braces. KEEP YOUR TEETH and  GUMS CLEAN.  We describe the techniques for cleaning, flossing and overall oral care . We show you pictures of people who do not comply and when the braces are removed there are a lot of white spots. We recommend rinsing after every meal and thorough bruising and flossing 2x /day. Also bacteria killing mouthwash is recommended.

Having good oral health care habits is very important the success of any orthodontic treatment. In addition to having your teeth straightened and your jaws aligned , you should continually keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Do this by continuing your daily flossing and brushing routines. Also don’t forget to continue your bi-yearly cleanings and examinations so Dr Jones can catch any problems with your teeth or gums.


Your in good hands when you put your teeth’s health and aesthetics in the hands of pediatric dentist and orthodontist provider, Dr Cynthia Jones.  She and her team at Dentistry 4 kids in Suwanee, Gwinnett County will make sure that your teeth will look as good as they are healthy. So drop by today and start your journey to straighter, stronger and healthier  teeth.


1. Parents always welcomed in treatment area.
2. Timely Scheduling Availabilty, Minimal Wait time on appointment day
3. Family friendly atmosphere
4. Digital x-rays (90% less radiation),
5. Dye and BPA free alternatives
6. Payment Plans- Most Insurance Accepted
7. Early and Adult Orthodontics, Invisalign
8. Teeth Whitening
9. 32 yrs in dentistry; member of AAPD, ADA, SSPD, GDA, Gnathos


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