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Myrian, Operative Assistant

I’m working in an occupation that I’m passionate about! I can be found in any department in our office, but I especially enjoy the cosmetic aspect of dentistry. I thoroughly enjoy
working with patients and seeing our team create beautiful, healthy smiles. Our team is made up of a large group of fabulous and talented people who truly care about the health of each and every
person who comes into our office. I am happily married and have one wonderful son–and a beautiful dog!

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Camilla, Hygienist

I am one of the hygienists at Dentistry 4 Kids. Myself, and the other hygienists, take immense pleasure in providing quality
teeth cleanings while making sure the patients are feeling comfortable. We love to educate the children and their patents on the best way to provide good nutrition and cleaning techniques to help for
a cavity fee next generation.

Camilla was born and raised in Sweden and moved to the United States 25 years ago. She graduated from Georgia Perimeter College in 2002 and has 11 years of experience as a dental hygienist.
Camilla’s passion has always been working with children. She enjoys her team how we treat each patient with kindness. In her free time, she likes spending time with her husband, John, and her
daughters, Alex and Isabelle. They enjoy soccer together and going on trips.

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Irene, Hygienist

I’m a dental hygienist. I have 10 years of experience working with diable, high fear, and special need patients. I love making people feel comfortable in the dental chair. I am from San
Francisco, CA and speak fluent Russian. I am the proud mother of two kids, Piece and Sasha Rose. I love yoga, healthy eating, nature walks, and I LOVE KIDS!

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Sherry Hernandez, Hygiene Assistant

I am one of the newest members of the staff. I have been here for a year now. I have really enjoyed working alongside Dr.Jones as well as the hygienist. I enjoy working with children. I am married
with 4 children of my own. I speak english and spanish. when I am not working I am spending quality time with my children.

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Marisol, Front Desk Coordinator

My name is Marisol, I am one of the new members of Dentistry 4 Kids as I have recently moved to Georgia from California. Tough I have been a dental assistant for 9 years I have found myself
enjoying now, more than ever, my profession, as I get to work with children and teenagers by helping them go through a dental procedure with confidence. What I love about my job is providing the
comfort and gentle care a patient needs to loose their fear of coming to a dental visit. It is absolutely rewarding to me when a patient leaves our office with a smile on their face as I strive to
keep our patients happy every day I come to work.

I have recently become a mother of a beautiful baby girl. I love spending my free time at home with my family and our many pets.

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Lucy, Front Desk

My name is Lucy, I’m from Colombia and I started working at Dentistry4Kids 3 years ago have made good use of my personable and easy going personality as a Front desk Specialist. I truly look
forward to each day and aim to make your child’s visit a wonderful experience.I am impressed by the way our doctors relate so well to children, I am lucky to work with such great people that
share the same values as I do. The doctors and the team create such a fun environment that the day doesn’t even seem like work! Thank you for choosing our practice.

I look forward to meeting you very soon!

Tawana, Hygiene Assistant

I am one of the dental assistants to our awesome hygienists. I am responsible for the digital x-rays taken of your child. Did
you know that digital x-rays expose your child to __x LESS radiations than traditional, processed x-rays? Having a complete digital Panorex that shows all the teeth in the mouth as well as the
surround tissues is equivalent to spending less than 20 minutes in the natural sunlight of a bright day. I use all different techniques to help the children have x-rays without discomfort.

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Beatriz, Office Manager

I am Beatriz. I work as an office manager. While working with Dr. Jones for 15 years, I have been able to learn many aspects of dentistry that allow me to best run our office. Dr Jones has provided alot of continuing Education so i can do my job best.I am married to my wonderful husband and we have 2 sons, Brandon and Santi, that our the center of our lives. I love to work at Dentistry 4 Kids because I get to help our employees as well as our patients. Anything you need, I am here for you.

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Deide, Financial Coordinator

Hello, my name is Deide and I began my career with Dentistry 4 Kids over 17 years ago in the front office. After briefly working as an orthodontic and dental assistant, I became the financial
coordinator. I enjoy this position because it gives me the opportunity to develop strong relationships with our patients. It is rewarding to help families find solutions when faced with challenging
problems. I firmly believe in the importance of dentistry for everyone, a value that reflects in the way I do my job. I have 4 beautiful daughters, and enjoy spending any free time that we have at

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Orthodontics Department

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Melissa, Ortho Assistant

Hello, I’m Melissa Bramlett. I have enjoyed working at Dentistry 4 Kids for the past 10 years. I am the lead orthodontic assistant. I love seeing my patients’ smiles transform
throughout the orthodontic experience. I am married to my husband Jason. Together we have 3 children. When i am not working I enjoy hiking, scrapbooking and baseball!

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Eliana, Ortho Assistant

Hi, my name is Eliana. I have worked at Dentistry 4 Kids for 12 years. I started as a hygiene assistant for 2 years and
worked after that as an operative assistant for 7 years. Now I am an ortho assistant. I love my work because it is very satisfying to see the ‘sonrisa’ of our patients after completing
their treatment. I am married with my wonderful husband, Edison. We have 2 lovely kids, Dylan and Bryan.

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Amy, Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, my name is Amy and I am an orthodontic assistant. When I first came to work for Dentistry 4 Kids over 16 years ago, I knew immediately that it was the right fit for me. After watching many of
our patients grow up, and even treating some of their children, I still feel the same way. My priority is to establish meaningful relationships with my patients so that I can help alleviate the fears
and concerns so many have about dentistry. I love it when an anxious patient gives me a thank you hug after finishing treatment. I have 2 daughters, Alli and Anabelle, and a wonderful husband. When
not spending time with them, I love to read and patin.


1. Parents always welcomed in treatment area.
2. Timely Scheduling Availabilty, Minimal Wait time on appointment day
3. Family friendly atmosphere
4. Digital x-rays (90% less radiation),
5. Dye and BPA free alternatives
6. Payment Plans- Most Insurance Accepted
7. Early and Adult Orthodontics, Invisalign
8. Teeth Whitening
9. 32 yrs in dentistry; member of AAPD, ADA, SSPD, GDA, Gnathos


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