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Dentistry 4 Kids- Suwanee, GA – Fun, Affordable and Gentle

Dental care for your child since 1983. Welcome to dentist 4 kids, where Dr Cynthia Jones and Dr Neelu Kalra take pride in providing superior dental care in a warm, loving environment to help diminish long term dental fears. Dr. Jones and Dr. Kalra specialize in all aspects of pediatric dentistry and have the specialty training required to offer your children top quality pediatric dental care. We strive to enhance each child’s appearance with the latest state of the art procedures to result in not only a Hollywood smile, but in the utmost optimal healthy smile.

We know children need to be nurtured and taken care of with undivided attention to ensure optimal growth and success. Your child’s dental care is no different. For optimal children’s dental care, it is best to visit a specialized pediatric dentist in Atlanta.

Children need much more diligent, patient, and caring dental care in comparison to adults-it is our responsibility to make sure they grow into healthy, successful individuals.  A pediatric dentist gwinnett county employs interesting ways to carry out a dental checkup of a child. Kids cannot and will not respond to the normal techniques used to diagnose adults. They need to be engaged, allowed to be themselves and the procedural steps need to be blended in with care and a friendly approach.

Our dentists have immense expertise in treating kids, and we understand the significance of education and early guidance. Kids often suffer from dental problems naturally, but in many cases it is because they are unaware of what is good for their dental health. Dr. Jones and Dr. Kalra specialize in educating kids in fun and learning exercises, so that your child can take utmost care of himself or herself without parental intervention all the time. The key to successful diagnosis and treatment by a pediatric dentist in Atlanta, GA is how engaging and calming the ambiance is for the child to relax and feel comfortable while being at the facility. Dentistry 4 Kids is proud to offer you one of the finest and most comforting facilities in Suwanee, Georgia Gwinnett County.

We recommend that the parents accompany their child to the treatment area for each visit. We want to pamper your child and with your help, so that we can better insure a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles.

Our friendly caring staff provides our parents and children with the finest dentistry and orthodontic care with sensitivity and respect. We believe nutrition and prevention education is essential to good dental health and deserves our attention at every visit. All of our doctors and staff attend continuing dental education courses so your child’s smile receives the latest and greatest dental techniques.

Good dental health is important for your child’s well being and in order to be happy and free of pain and other dental problems. It is our constant endeavor to ensure your child is free of any dental issues, and to allow them to grow into adulthood with optimal dental health and education. Starting your children off right with their dental health will ensure a happier and healthier smile for the rest of their life.






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